Choosing a garage door – the top three tips


When buying a garage door, affordability can often take precedence, but when weighing up the options many other aspects need to be considered. There are three traditional type garage doors and while one may appear less expensive it might not add to a property in general. Bearing in mind that it’s an investment and usually a one-off purchase, it’s worthy of a lot more thought. Generally speaking, the aluminium garage door with its rust-resistant exterior works well in harsher environments. Steel doors provide a more perfunctory service but a greater range of colours while the staple wooden type gives a certain character and charm.


Due to climate change and the ever increasing risk of flood and storm damage, coupled with the arrival of the recession, insurance policies have changed over the last decade. Many carry an excess fee, and demand that garage doors are reinforced, storm-ready and built to a standard that can withstand excessive winds. Garage doors, because of their exterior placing and size, are more susceptible to wind damage. It’s advised that when purchasing, a good garage door will always have adequate and extra bracing and tracking in place. These specifications should be part of the package and not something one does after the purchase.

Insulation and installation

The garage door installation is just as important as the actual door itself, and usually comes as part of the deal. Installing a garage door is no easy task and a reputable company will have the job done in a few hours. Insulation isn’t something we naturally think about when it comes to garage doors but when correctly done can actually effect heating efficiency in the home itself. Modern day technology has allowed for great advancements in the last ten years and many choose to extend and build living spaces above the garage. Well sealed garage doors can help to reduce energy bills.