The Best Garage Door Openers on the Market

Garage door openers are safe and easy ways to open and close these rather large doors. They are all automatic and usually consist of a remote control that interacts with a physical motor located on the upper track of the door. What are a handful of the best models that can be purchased in 2015? Let’s take a closer look.

Chamberlain WD962KEV

This model is currently considered to be the most valuable and efficient garage door opener available on the market today. It is quite easy to work with while perfectly able to handle heavy-duty needs such as those which may be required within a commercial garage.

Sommer Direct Drive Opener 3/4 HP

This unit boasts a 3/4-horsepower capacity and is therefore capable of handling demanding needs. While it is slightly more expensive than the Chamberlain model, the motor is extremely quiet; ideal for residential garages. As it can handle doors weighing up to 550 pounds, the sheer power of this unit is remarkable when compared to its diminutive size.

Decko 24300 3/4

The Decko 24300 is thought to offer the most value for one’s money. Although the chain drive is not as quiet as the Summer Direct model, this is offset by incredible lifting power and a user-friendly operating system. Some of the hallmarks of this brand include a three-function locking wall control, two separate remote controls and a wireless keypad for enhance security. An optional eight-foot extension is also available that is able to accommodate for larger door frames.

Genie 1022-2TX

The Genie is another popular home-based model which offers significantly reduced noise levels within its chain drive. As with other models, a three-button remote and a wireless keypad are included as standard accessories within the entire package. It should also be mentioned that the motor housing of the Genie is smaller when compared to other models; ideal for tight spaces and low overhead clearance.These are thought to be the best garage door openers which offer the highest value for one’s money. It is nonetheless a good idea to obtain independent customer reviews in order to make the most informed choices possible.