Install A Garage Door

Any DIY enthusiast may be keen to save some money and have a go at installing their own new garage door. As long as the replacement door is of the sectional type, it is fairly simple to fit the door in place without the need to hire a fitting service, but if the old door has a torsion spring system it is important to seek professional help as these can be dangerous to remove independently.


Before fitting the new door, it is important to attach a weatherstripping strip to the base of the bottom door panel as this will keep rain and inclement weather out of the interior of the garage.

First Panel

The first panel should be the bottom of the garage door. This must be put in place in the doorway and fitted in place with nails which should be driven at angles into the door jamb. If hinges are not already on the top of the door edge, they should be fitted at this point.

Rollers And Brackets

Rollers and brackets must be fitted at this stage to the bottom door section and the garage walls. The vertical track must be slid onto both sides of the rollers on the already installed section of door. Then the rollers must be installed onto the second section of door, although this will require the assistance of a helper. The hinges must be fastened between the first and second sections of door and then the entire process should be repeated with the third door section.


The jamb brackets must now be fastened to the tracks and to the frame and both curved and horizontal sections of the track must be fitted into place. It is important to check the track to ensure that it is level, and then the track hanger must be screwed into a ceiling or solid block. The track must then be mounted to the hangar on both sides. The last section of the door should be put in place and all nails removed from the door jamb.For helpful picture guidelines, see