Must Have Tools For The Home Mechanic

Anyone who is a keen home mechanic knows that there are several essential tools for any garage or home workshop that will enable most tasks to be completed easily.

Wrenches and Ratchets

A absolute basic requirement for any mechanic, wrenches are key to accomplishing many tasks, and not just any wrenches but a quality set. Ratchets are also essential, in all three basic sizes – small, medium and large.


All three common sizes of sockets should feature prominently in any home mechanic’s toolbox. It is important to have all three sizes in both shallow and long lengths in order to be able to complete all necessary tasks.


It sounds obvious, but it is worth stating that both a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver should be part of every home mechanic’s kit. Of course, they should have several of them in a range of lengths and gauges including: stubbed screwdrivers which are handy for use in tight spaces, long skinny screwdrivers for reaching over long distances, a thick flathead for hitting with a hammer, and a torx screwdriver with a star shaped head.


There are four essential types of pliers: a regular pair, vice grips, a long needle nose and a short needle nose. In conjunction with each other, these essential pieces of kit will be able to effect most common repairs.


A couple of hammers may prove necessary if components become stuck. A rubber mallet and a Ball Pein hammer are good choices.To find out more see