How Many Cars Can One Garage Hold?

Sometimes even a one-car garage can seem small if there are a lot of tools, equipment, and seasonal supplies already stored inside it. To maximize the amount of space available in a one or several car garage has never been easier. Just get a tool that can precision-move the major components (vehicles) into place. There is a new way of doing this, which doesn’t involve additional side mirrors and other people directing the driver inch by inch.

What is the Answer?

Get the car in place more smoothly and easily than ever using Stringo. This machine may look small but the power it can deliver is enormous – enough, in fact, to move a (extra) car or two. That’s what it is designed for – automotive moving and re-positioning. It is also environmentally friendly (no hazardous emissions), and safe – a dual safety system is standard with each machine and protects both machine operator and vehicle from damage. The vehicle does not need to be running during Stringo operation, so no carbon monoxide risk is present either.

The Human Body

Though lore of people picking up or moving cars abound on cable television; the reality is that the human body is not made for such work. Most people will not be able to go out to the garage and pick the car up or push it to the side. Doing so would be very hazardous to the spine and other organs, and most likely wouldn’t work.That’s because if the human body lifts too much weight, serious injury can occur. The five most common injuries from manual lifting are rotator cuff tearing, which is often only fixed through surgery; patellar tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendon which connects the kneecap to shin, it adds stress to the kneecap; herniated disks, backbone vertebral cushions slip out of place or even break; shoulder impingements which are inflammation of the tendons around the rotator cuff; and back sprains and strains – this can be torn or stretched ligaments, torn or stretched muscles and tendons.No one needs to suffer the pain and potential ridicule at office parties for being the one who tried to lift their car around. Nicknames such as “Wonder Woman” and “Super Man” can stick years after an event.

How to Get the Car in Place?

Stringo can lift light or heavy vehicles. It is motorized to protect the body from strain and injury, and works as a hoist with wheels so that the car can be lifted slightly and moved whichever way is necessary. Now everyone can have fun playing car Tetris at home!