How to manage your garage storage needs

For most people, the garage isn’t so much a place for putting away the car as a general storage facility for household overspill, general clutter and an assortment of strange odd and ends, play equipment, paints, sports gear and gardening equipment. Many people are a little ashamed that their garages get into such a cluttered state and is why managing storage needs is so important for the maximum efficient use of this space.This space management can be achieved with a variety of solutions. Hooks can be screwed into the wall to hang ladders, spades, bicycles, extension leads and other such items. Large plastic-coated hooks are best so they won’t corrode or damage equipment and which can be fixed securely into the wall using a drill and wall plug.Freestanding shelving will also organise storage and plastic, non-corrosive shelving is best. Ideally, it should be bolted to the wall so it can’t topple over if it becomes top-heavy or unbalanced.Plastic containers with lids can be purchased at minimal cost from many DIY and multi-purpose stores. These can be used as stand-alone items but can also be stacked to a safe height, or placed upon shelving. Beware of storing things inside plastic containers in a damp environment though, as this could cause certain items to become mouldy. Additionally, many people move unwanted household furniture, like old wardrobes or tables, into their garage to store items in or on.Further storage of can be achieved with ‘desk tidies’ for little odds and ends and small filing cabinets for screws, nails, drawing pins, zip ties, string, nuts and bolts etc. that need to be properly organised.Another popular storage solution is to create a racking space in the garage roof area and lay ply-board on top, so larger items can then be stored up above out of the way. Be careful of storing heavy items above head height though, as these could fall and cause serious injury. Ladder access may be necessary unless things can be manipulated up and down using a long pole. Professional racking systems installed by a professional are advised and these shouldn’t impede the movement of the garage door, as indeed should no other type of storage.